Ollie Rastall - Ultrarunner & Adventurer

Ollie Rastall is an award winning business owner and endurance athlete with a penchant for leaving the comfort zone.

A long time believer in the benefits of running, Ollie completed his first Ultra Marathon in 2016 - a 52mile route from along the South Downs Way, from Arundel to Winchester!

Ollie recently started his Ripl Effect and Ripl Founder Peter Thomas met up with him for an early morning trail run, to find our what makes him tick and why running is such an important part of his life.

Peter and Ollie heading out for a run at QE Country Park

Over to Ollie...

PT: 'Hi Ollie! Great to run with you today! To get started, tell us, why do you run?'

OR: 'Running gives me the cardiovascular ability that my body craves. Without running in my life, I feel like a neglected and wasted rusty old machine! 
Running also gives me invaluable thinking time. The solitude I find during some of my trail runs offers me an uncluttered headspace, where I often find clarity in decisions or produce some of my best ideas. 

In particular, Trail Running has opened up a new World. It has turned me into an explorer and I get a massive high from finding new trails and vistas. Running where few people go is very liberating.
Ollie loves to run on the Trails!
PT: Fantastic! I'm also a big fan of Trail Running, not only for the sense of adventure that awaits 'offroad' but also as I find it's a lot kinder on the body, as your legs are constantly engaging different muscles to adapt to the terrain. 

What is your favourite place in the World to run?'

OR: 'Any trails where it's just me and deer. My local forest is vast enough to get lost in and I love to run through all the seasons, taking in the changes and the different conditions. Encountering a deer means I'm in a secluded space that's a safe distance from hustle and bustle. Perfect. 
I also like to aim for the highest point near me, Beacon Hill. I love to get there for sunrise which is often a race against time!
More often than not, I'm the only one there and have the first view of Surrey and Hampshire with the bonus of a London horizon on a clear day!'
Ollie catching sunrise and an incredible view
PT: 'Sounds stunning! You ran your first Ultra Marathon in 2016, which must have been an incredible experience.

What one tip would you offer, for anyone considering running a marathon or even an ultra-marathon?'

OR: 'You must enjoy it. In order to do this, you need to avoid breaking yourself. That goes for your body and your mind. Find your pace and just take a little bit off. At first it will feel too slow but that's your marathon pace. You should run at a pace that feels like you can run forever.'

PT: Sound advice. People often find it hard to believe that running can ever be 'easy', but once you have built up a solid base of fitness, it's amazing how it really becomes possible!
No matter how much we love to run, we all struggle with motivations from time to time.
What gets you out the door, when you’re lacking in motivation?'

OR: 'Several things, depending on what is going on around me. If I'm training for a race, I tell myself that my 'competitors' will be getting up to train. 
If there isn't a specific event then I set weekly mileage goals that are very good at motivating me to get out there. I hate setting a weekly goal on Strava and failing to hit it. In fact, I hate failing full stop!'
Ollie's first Ultra Marathon medal!
PT: Good advice. In my experience, everyone is motivated by different goals and there is no right or wrong answer. The important thing is to discover what motivates you and use that knowledge to help yourself through the difficult times.

We were delighted that you started your Ripl Effect and joined the Ripl movement! What was the reason you chose the person you did, for your Ripl Effect?'

OR: 'I chose my brother as he's quite new to running, so I wanted to send a little something to commend his efforts! I also bought him a Ripl Inspire Running Shirt. I love mine!'
Ollie enjoying running in his Ripl Inspire Shirt (don't try this at home!)
PT: Awesome. I'm sure your support will really help him to continue enjoying his running!

Finally, any big running goals or adventures coming up?'

OR: 'Yes! First up is a 100km trail run. Then I'm going to attempt a 100 mile ultra! I'm a big believer in having a 'bucket list' of adventures and have a long list to complete, on my blog!'

You can keep up to date on Ollie's adventures by checking out his blog at http://ollierastall.com  or by following him on Instagram or Twitter

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