5 Running Motivation Gremlins And How To Keep Them Locked Away!

A silver bullet for Running Motivation? If such a thing exists, I'm yet to find it! And no matter how much we love running, our brains are always conjuring up crafty reasons to stop us from getting out the door for our next run!

Let’s examine 5 of the reoccurring, invisible gremlins which our brains often present when we're considering going for a run and tackle them head on! Right here, right now!


  1. The Weather:

Cue the brain…

‘It’s too cold!’…‘It’s too hot!’…‘Those look like rain clouds...’ ‘The ground is too muddy!’… ‘That wind is freezing!’… ‘Overnight frost... it could be icy’.

Our response? We have the power!

Humans have been battling and overcoming the elements for all time. The sense of achievement of running in challenging conditions is always, undeniably worth the effort!

If it’s too hot, wear a lightweight, highly breathable vest. Too cold? Time to layer up. Wet and caught out without waterproofs? Luckily the human skin was designed to be waterproof!


  1. Time (or lack of it!)

Cue the brain…

‘There are so many other things to do right now!’…‘If I go for a run, I’ll be running late for the rest of the day!’… ‘I don’t have time to run before work’…‘I don’t have time to run after work’…‘I’m really busy at work… I don’t have time to run while at work…’

Our response? We are the masters of our destiny!

As we all know, there is always ‘something else’ to be doing in life. Will that ‘something else’ make us feel as good or improve our health and wellbeing, as much as a run will?

Even 10 minutes will make a positive difference, if that is all that time allows! Planning ahead will help, as will arranging to run with a friend, who you can share accountability and planning with.


  1. Running is HARD!

Cue the brain…

‘Remember how hard that last run was?’…‘Wouldn’t it be easier to just stay on the couch and watch Game of Thrones?’…‘Missing this one run won’t hurt…’

Our response? Nothing good ever came easy!

When recalling previous running experiences, the brain is particularly good at drawing upon how we felt during our last run (memories of discomfort, heavy breathing, aching muscles), rather than after we had finished (the sense of achievement, endorphins released, the mind alive with stimulation).

Try to focus on the benefits of the run itself, how you will feel afterwards and the adventure of simply venturing out of the door. Who knows where that will lead you?!


  1. Too Tired!

Cue the Brain…

‘I’ve not slept well, running will just make me more tired!’…‘I’ve had a long day at work and just need to rest!’… ‘I’m still tired from the last run!

Our response? Running is a source of energy!

How often do you feel more energetic after a run, than you did before? It is so often the case, that a run is just what our body needs to wake up!

There will be times when we are genuinely exhausted and of course should rest and listen to our bodies, however, quite often you’ll find you’ll feel more energised and awake after a run, than you did before!


  1. I’m not making progress!

Cue the brain…

‘Shouldn’t you be getting faster by now?’… ‘Shouldn’t running start to feel easier?’… ‘Why bother, if you’re seeing no improvements?’… ‘Your next race isn’t for months...’.

Our response? Running is about SO much more than progress measured by speed or how easy it feels.

The depth of benefits which running brings is astonishing and while we may not feel those benefits in the moment, we should feel great that they are there all the same and will be, throughout our lives.


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The benefits of running are endless!

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